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Clay Magic

Woodie w/Tree - Clay Magic - 4131

Woodie w/Tree - Clay Magic - 4131

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Woodie w/Tree - Clay Magic - 4131


Length: 11.5"


Height: 7.5"


Bisque Item: This is for bisque ready to paint yourself item. Product is cast in low fire ceramic slip, cleaned, and fired to 04 bisque settings. You may either pick this up at our store front during business hours or it can be shipped. If purchasing an item that says no holes, this will not have any predrilled holes. If purchasing an item that says with holes, then it will have predrilled holes for ceramic lights which can be purchased separately. There are no two pieces that are the exact same as the cleaning method always allows for slight differences in pieces.


Please note that most of the items are new pours poured from vintage molds. We also do pour from new molds for certain items.

This item is handcrafted in the USA.


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