Who Are We?

We are a small family business located North of Fort Worth Texas that provides quality ceramic products that are made from 90% vintage molds. 95% of our items are made in the USA and hand crafted in our studio that is located just out side of Justin, TX.

We offer a varied selection of Paint Your Own Bisque products, supplies necessary to create your unique handcrafted item, and instructional classes to show you how easy it is to create your own unique item.

Bisque Collection

Hand poured items that if out of stock, we are able to pour additional items.

Gare Santa Bisque Collection

Buyout Bisque

Only have limited stock of these items, meaning we can't pour more and are a first come basis.

Finished Pieces

Hand-painted pieces ready for their new home.

  • New Ceramics from Vintage Molds

    Our ceramic products are mainly created from vintage molds that have been saved from the land fills and have been poured, cleaned, and fired in our small place in Justin.

  • Supporting Small Business

    We support other small businesses and ceramic artist to provide crafting products for your crafting needs, from ceramics, to painting, to embroidery.

  • Sharing New Techniques

    We look to provide you an opportunity to get you crafting new projects. Not sure on how to complete a certain project, we can provide classes and advice to assist you in completing your project or showing you how to complete a new craft. We are always looking to expand our expertise to meet the growing needs.

Ceramic Tree Lights

Art Supplies