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Halo Star - Ceramic Tree Christmas Topper

Halo Star - Ceramic Tree Christmas Topper

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Check out this beautiful Halo Star ceramic tree topper.  This is my version of the halo star topper.  There are subtle differences between it and the original version.  The halo for this star is created so that it runs through the center of the 3D star, so there isn't a front or back to this design.  

The topper is approximately 3 inches (from star tip to star tip) wide by about 4 inches long (from the tip of the star to the bottom of the rod).  The rod is approximately 4 mm in diameter which will allow it to fit multiple different sizes of holes for the tops of trees.

This topper will come in a variety of colors which will include clear, green, red, and blue.  Additional colors will be added once they are made.  

These toppers are made in the USA.


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